Things you get when choosing MRI open

Many people are choosing open MRIs over closed machines. There are many benefits to this type of screening. Here are a few reasons you should choose an open MRI.

Majority of patients prefer this option

Medical testing can be stressful for the patient. An open MRI can help to alleviate some of that tension. This style is now the preferred method of testing. A patient with claustrophobia will not feel that sensation in this machine. Closed machines can cause panic in many patients. An open MRI test does not close during the procedure.

The machine can accommodate all patients

A closed MRI cannot accommodate everyone’s body shape or size. Some patients have mobility or weight issues that make regular testing difficult. These problems do not exist with an open MRI. Every patient can access the machine. Those in wheelchairs can be accommodated with the open MRI. This machine can put children at ease as well. Many of them are afraid of a closed and dark space. They are often unable to sit still for the procedure. An open MRI can help to eliminate those issues. The parent or guardian can stay in the room and comfort the child during the test. This support system can help to alleviate high levels of anxiety.

Open MRIs have better technology

The technology in an open MRI is more advanced than a closed machine. Doctors and other medical professionals prefer this method of testing. These machines have fewer side effects than a closed unit. Patients do not need to be medicated with an open MRI. This machine almost eliminates recovery times and medication problems.

Open MRIs are cost effective

Closed MRIs cost more than an open procedure. In fact, most insurance companies prefer an open MRI test. They produce faster and more accurate results. This eliminates the need for extra testing due to inconclusive tests. An open MRI is better for both the patient and the doctor. The patient can get a more accurate diagnosis almost every time.

If you are looking for an open MRI, search for MRI screening near me. You can find a facility that offers open MRI testing.